The Details:

The Frugal Flambe was started by Shellina Guthrie on March 6, 2011- a product of personal experiences regarding the values of eating at home with the family: relationships are strengthened, children are encouraged to be creative and learn new things, and it’s also financially beneficial. When families choose to eat at home rather than out, they are choosing togetherness and sound financial decision making for their family. Shellina is so convinced that eating at home is a good decision for all families, she has committed herself to providing easy to make, cost effective eating options for families everywhere.

With daily posts to the blog, The Frugal Flambe has gained 27 subscribers and has also attracted over 5,000 all-time views at the publication of this sponsorship agreement (April 4, 2011.) By the end of the first week of publication, the blog added a new columnist, Holly, to discuss the trials and tribulations associated with weight loss, and also to share healthy options for busy moms (or dads!). By the end of the third week, we added yet another columnist, Mike, to blog in our twice monthly “Man Food with Mike” column. The blog is also seeking a columnist to focus on feeding families and children with allergies and intolerances, as this is a growing percentage of families struggling to feed their family wisely today.

The Options:

Sponsorship of The Frugal Flambe includes an advertisement package (sidebar image/link/description), a monthly post regarding the advertiser and their product, and weekly promotion of the advertiser’s product on The Frugal Flambe’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Because the blog is currently still in its infancy stages, we are offering this package for $25 per month, and packages will be initially contracted on a month-to-month basis for the benefit of the advertiser. The Frugal Flambe is a blog with new ideas for family finances, healthy and easy family eating ideas, and also a social gathering place for families in all stages and sizes to discuss successes and struggles regarding all aspects of family life.

Are you interested?

Advertisers interested in sponsoring The Frugal Flambe are invited to email Shellina directly at thefrugalflambe(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include answers to the following questions in your email:

  • What kind of business would you be advertising with us?
  • Would you be interested in signing a long-term advertising contract?
  • Where else do you advertise, other than The Frugal Flambe?
  • Where can we best reach you to discuss the terms of this agreement? (email, phone, etc.)

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