Special Post: We’re Moving!

22 May

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to make an important announcement about your favorite blog:

The Frugal Flambe is moving!

After almost three months of daily recipes, tips/tricks, fun facts about our family, and encouragement for those looking to cook more at home, I officially have purchased the rights to www.thefrugalflambe.com, making it possible for us to leave WordPress and host ourselves.

Why would we want do leave WordPress?

Well, many reasons. Firstoff, let me say that WordPress has been beyond wonderful to us, and it’d actually be easier to stick around because of all their awesome perks and plugins. That being said, though, there are some benefits to hosting ourselves:

  1. We can customize the site. We can change the look, the feel, the groove. All of it. It’s all open to us now.
  2. We can now host advertisers. Does this mean we’re going to be one big commercial? Heavens no. But, now we can help connect you to quality retailers and sites that will do more to help you become the culinary master you’ve always wanted to be.
  3. It’s easier to remember. If you love The Frugal Flambe, then you know our name. And now, you know our website too!

What about my subscription?

RSS subscriptions and email subscriptions should be fine. However, this is new to us, so we might have a few glitches. If you’re having trouble, re-subscribe at the new site and all will be well. If you don’t have trouble, then yay! The stars have aligned!

What’s changing, other than the web address?

The look is new, brighter, and hopefully more fun. But the content is the same- a recipe and a bit of encouragement every day for you and yours. (Just a bit more fashionable.)

When will the switch happen?

We’re hoping we can get all the kinks ironed out in the next day or so. If all goes well, you’ll see our new, prettier face VERY soon.

Do you have other questions? Ask them in the comments- we’re here to help!

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