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Top 10: Soups

2 May

Happy Monday, y’all!

I hope this weekend left you feeling happy, rejuvenated, and healthy. We had a decent one ourselves- the little one caught pink eye (yuck!), we went and look at more houses (yay!), and the kiddo also transitioned to a big boy bed (hooray!)! Oh, AND we did spring cleaning (grumble…)! What a weekend, huh? Needless to say, I don’t feel very recuperated myself, but I’m ready for this week- my mom is coming to visit!

In celebration of a new week, I’m posting another of my “Top10 Recipes” lists, this time in the soup category. Keep in mind, (like always), that I haven’t made all these soups. However, I have studied the ingredients lists, and I’ve determined these to be my top 10 choices for soup recipes available. Also note that it is impossible for me to see every single soup recipe that has ever been posted on the web. It’s just not feasible, guys. If you think your recipe should be on the list, add it to the comments- we’d still love to see it!

(Photo credit goes to our number 1 spot!)

And with that, drum roll please!

  1. Torview – Asparagus Potato Soup is full of summery flavors that not only encourage well being but also tides you over- winner!
  2. Oh She Glows – It’s got like a million ingredients- but they’re all fresh, hearty, and sure to live up to the recipe’s name: healing stew.
  3. Eats Well with Others – It’s Jamie Oliver’s veggie jalfrezi. You know it’s going to be good- it’s a soup recipe by a good-lookin Brit. Just try it.
  4. Scandi Foodie – Wild mushroom soup. I’m pretty much addicted to anything containing mushrooms. Yum.
  5. Thinking About Food – A lamb and barley beauty that’s sure to chase the last hints of winter out of sight and out of mind.
  6. ATX Gluten Free – I’m a big proponent of those who eat gluten-free, (though I can’t do it myself- carbaholic, remember?), and a HUGE proponent of all things crock-pot. This curried carrot soup is so fine.
  7. The Bowl and Loaf – A hearty beef and barley soup- so much good stuff.
  8. Maybe Next Week – A recipe adapted from a spiced butternut soup, made into a spiced veggie soup- could it be more perfect? Nope.
  9. 365 Clever Cookbooks – Yeah, it’s another asparagus soup, but that stuff is so hot right now!
  10. Foodie4theFuture – Okay, it sounds weird, (cucumber avocado soup with shrimp and purple chive blossoms), but it looks amazing, and I submit that it could not be any fresher. Perfect.

So there they are- 10 ways to do soup right!

Hey, before you go, since obviously I love Top 10 lists, we’re doing a CHOCOLATE DESSERT top 10 list next Monday. This list is in honor of my pregnancy, since I just can’t seem to get enough of the chocolate these days. If you’ve got a recipe you think should be considered, please put the link in the comments here- then check back Monday!

Have a great week. 🙂


Top 10: Pasta

25 Apr

I am a carb-aholic.

No doubt about it, I cannot resist breads, potatoes, and most of all, pastas. There’s something in those beautifully made bundles of flavor that trigger the glutton in me. Embarrassing to admit, but true.

In celebration of my confession, I’ve compiled the Top 10 pastas I’ve seen online.

Warning: I have NOT cooked all of these recipes, but they are my top 10 recipe choices for pasta nonetheless. If I were going to make pasta tonight for my family, I’d turn to one of these to do it with. No joke.

(photo credit: our #1 pasta recipe.)

  1. Leek Soup – Whole wheat spaghetti with lamb and mint. A beautiful conglomeration of flavors served non-traditionally, and I like that.
  2. Eat Good 4 Life – Lemon pasta with shrimp and broccoli. It sounds amazing, looks amazing, and I’ve been on a lemon kick lately.
  3. Catsue – Ricotta cheese is perhaps the most classic of cheeses (except parmesan) to be added to pasta- but in a pork meatball? Oh, joy.
  4. The Green Grape – Fettucine Carbonara- an old favorite done well. Cheers!
  5. La Piattini – You know how I like it- classic and easy. This is a gorgeous fettucine alfredo done in true Frugal Flambe style.
  6. Desi Home Cooking – A penne pasta with spinach and sausage- from an Indian cooking blog! YES!
  7. Kitchen in a Suitcase – Ginger. Lemon. Linguine. That’s it. And it rocks.
  8. How Sweet it Is – Macaroni and cheese- Mexican style?! YES PLEASE.
  9. The Quinces and the Pea – Fresh peas, pasta, and a mint pesto. It looks so refreshing and vibrant, and it’s on our menu.
  10. Gourm(eh?) – Gnocchi, my fave, mixed with capers, lemon and basil. This might be heaven on earth.

There you have it: the top 10 “try me” recipes in the pasta category according to Shellina. And you’re welcome.

Got an awesome soup recipe? Send us the link- we’re writing next week’s top 10 on SOUPS!

Top 10 Burger Recipes

11 Apr

Woohoo! It’s Monday! Time for another top 10 list. Now, to be clear, (and fair to those who aren’t included in this list), it’s impossible for me to sift through every single burger recipe that has ever been posted on the web since the dawn of time. So these are the top 10 I found when I was poking around. I guarantee you’ll be entertained and hungry by the end of the list.

A note on burger-recipe-searching on the web: oh. my. word. there are so many veggie, turkey, fish, chicken, and generally-non-beef burger recipes! Is anyone else surprised at this fact? With that in mind, not all of these are beef. But, ALL of them are awesome.

So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Manna & Quail – They’re on a search for the perfect burger. Can you believe they say this ISN’T the best? It sure looks that way to me. 😉
  2. The Wayward Cook – Proof that sometimes the best burgers are the simplest.
  3. Life Tastes Like Food – The best blue cheese burger ever. Okay, so it’s my recipe. But it’s NOT my blog, so it’s fair… right?
  4. The Paleo Project – Another simple burger- but gorgeous. Also, Jenna from The Paleo Project is starting a column here on The Frugal Flambe in a couple of weeks! Get to know her today, check her out here later.
  5. The Burger Spot – Anything cooked on a glazed donut sounds worth a look to me. I doubt I’d ever be brave enough to do it, but jeez, it belongs in the top 10.
  6. BackCountryFishNerd – The blog name is hilarious, and anyone who includes Samuel L Jackson’s clip from Pulp Fiction in their burger post deserves at least a nod. Also, the burger looks awesome.
  7. – This is a burger with a fried egg on top- WIN.
  8. Can You Stay for Dinner? – Paired with a hilarious story about a burning potholder and an inconveniently closed window (read the post, it’s awesome), this tuna burger makes me want to throw a party. Legitimately.
  9. Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures – It’s made of turkey, stuffed with cheese, and topped with a grilled apple. What?! Brilliant.
  10. Fork and Stein – Beer. Burgers. A better combo may not exist. Mixed together? Possible nirvana.

Next Monday we’ll be doing a Top 10 PASTA Dishes post- if you’ve got a great one, post the link here. I can’t guarantee it’ll make the list, but you’ll have a better shot than if I have to go hunting for it, ya know.

Top 10 Seafood Recipes of the Week

4 Apr

This week, I trolled the blogosphere for beautiful and delicious seafood recipes posted this past week. Here’s what I came up with (in no particular order):

  1. Kitchen Bitch – Pan-friend Salmon cakes… beautiful recipe, excellent results.
  2. Eat the Roses – Crumb topped mussels- I can’t wait to try these out. I mean, it’s terrifying, but it’s too beautiful to not try.
  3. The Good Life – Scallops (awesome) with a caramel orange sauce (double awesome).
  4. LoveAndVogue – alright, so she didn’t post a pic of her own finished product, and the recipe is from somewhere else- but it’s a fave nonetheless. And the blog is great. 🙂
  5. Kalena’s Kitchen – A no-nonsense guide to cooking shrimp for two. Easy, clean and simple. Just how we like it.
  6. NJBluEyz – You know I’m a sucker for anything that say “Quick, easy, and delicious” on it.
  7. Diet for Foodies – Seafood and Lingonberries? I’m there.
  8. HooBear’s Blog – This one is just plain gorgeous to look at.
  9. Eat This! – Sesame orange glaze over tuna? Um, love at first whiff.
  10. Apron Strings and Wedding Rings – Sauteed shrimp sounds awesome- pour wine and cream sauce over it, and I’m in seafood heaven.

Do you have a yummy seafood recipe you’d like to share? Put the recipe or the link into the comments- we’d love to try them.

Next week, we’ll be doing a Top 10 Burger Recipes of the Week post- rustle up a burger or two and post it to your blog this week, then send us the link. Maybe you’ll be on our next Top 10 list!

Top 10 Food Blogs of the Week

28 Mar

I’ve been connecting with a lot of other bloggers lately- and you know it’s been all about food. I’ve enjoyed their stuff so much, I decided to share my top ten with you (in no particular order)! Imagine Letterman’s band is behind me with the cool “top 10” music- that’ll make this experience really fun. (And, seriously, the blogs are awesome.)

  1. Blackberry Eating in Late September – Apple Cranberry Crumble recipe… I love desserts. 😉
  2. A Muse in my Kitchen – Paninis! Need I say more?
  3. Brie en Croute – a funny and legit approach to making mistakes in the kitchen- and chocolate cake.
  4. Come on Ilene! – Amazing thai tea recipe.
  5. Confessions of a Changed Shawn – Amazing raw popcorn recipe- even if you’re not Vegan, this looks yummy.
  6. Cooking by My Own Rules – Allergy-free brownies- and btw, still looking for that mom/dad who can do a column for us about cooking for kids with allergies/intolerances… *cough*
  7. Crazy Sweet Life – Blackberry Pear Custard Pie… um the title is incredible, and you should see the pictures. AWESOME.
  8. GirlEvolving – She writes about her life, food, and she’s pregnant. (So am I, and our due dates are close. This alone gets her on the list, okay?)
  9. Korena in the Kitchen – Hot cross buns, and we see eye to eye on the yummies.
  10. Life Tastes Like Food – Not only does she write awesome posts about food, but she’s guest blogging here in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

So there they are- my fave blog posts from the past week. Check back next Monday for my NEW fave posts of the week. And hey, wanna get on the list? Write a rockin post and send me the link!

Have a great week, guys- see you tomorrow!

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