Top 10: Pasta

25 Apr

I am a carb-aholic.

No doubt about it, I cannot resist breads, potatoes, and most of all, pastas. There’s something in those beautifully made bundles of flavor that trigger the glutton in me. Embarrassing to admit, but true.

In celebration of my confession, I’ve compiled the Top 10 pastas I’ve seen online.

Warning: I have NOT cooked all of these recipes, but they are my top 10 recipe choices for pasta nonetheless. If I were going to make pasta tonight for my family, I’d turn to one of these to do it with. No joke.

(photo credit: our #1 pasta recipe.)

  1. Leek Soup – Whole wheat spaghetti with lamb and mint. A beautiful conglomeration of flavors served non-traditionally, and I like that.
  2. Eat Good 4 Life – Lemon pasta with shrimp and broccoli. It sounds amazing, looks amazing, and I’ve been on a lemon kick lately.
  3. Catsue – Ricotta cheese is perhaps the most classic of cheeses (except parmesan) to be added to pasta- but in a pork meatball? Oh, joy.
  4. The Green Grape – Fettucine Carbonara- an old favorite done well. Cheers!
  5. La Piattini – You know how I like it- classic and easy. This is a gorgeous fettucine alfredo done in true Frugal Flambe style.
  6. Desi Home Cooking – A penne pasta with spinach and sausage- from an Indian cooking blog! YES!
  7. Kitchen in a Suitcase – Ginger. Lemon. Linguine. That’s it. And it rocks.
  8. How Sweet it Is – Macaroni and cheese- Mexican style?! YES PLEASE.
  9. The Quinces and the Pea – Fresh peas, pasta, and a mint pesto. It looks so refreshing and vibrant, and it’s on our menu.
  10. Gourm(eh?) – Gnocchi, my fave, mixed with capers, lemon and basil. This might be heaven on earth.

There you have it: the top 10 “try me” recipes in the pasta category according to Shellina. And you’re welcome.

Got an awesome soup recipe? Send us the link- we’re writing next week’s top 10 on SOUPS!


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