Recipe: Chicken & Dumplings

24 Mar
I guest blogged this post on MomVantage, a family friendly blog that strives to provide exceptional reviews, giveaways and information on the best products available for moms and their families. See the complete post HERE.

As a mom of a busy two and a half year old, with another on the way in August, I know the meaning of feeling “stretched”. I’m a full-time student, a full-time blogger, a mom, and a wife. My calendar looks like a recipe for disaster- so crowded and jumbled I can barely keep it straight!

So when five o’clock rolls around, and I realize the hungry hubbster will be home in less than a hour, I feel the true weight of my calendar as I quickly scan the fridge and lay out a plan of attack for supper. I’ve found that half the heavy work of being in charge of supper-time is simply knowing what I’ve got in the fridge- and keeping a few things readily handy. So tonight, I peered into the depths of the refrigerator, and saw the following: carrots, peas, corn, chicken breasts, and a full container of chicken stock. I saw supper.

Read more of this post, and snag the recipe,  HERE.


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