Tips & Tricks: Farm Fresh Meat & “Moo” Money in Your Pocket

15 Mar
By, Guest Blogger Sherry of City Chic on a Farm

One quick and easy way to have meals planned is to have a freezer stocked full of fresh meat.  Talk about a savings as compared to grocery store prices!  That meat can be from a farmer, a hunter, or even in your own back yard.  These days it’s not only a way to save on groceries- it’s a healthier way to feed your family.

How to find farm fresh meat:

  • You may know someone who has a relative that’s a farmer.  Find out what they raise and if they sell “straight from the farm.”
  • Farmer’s markets are a great place to buy farm fresh stuff!
  • Know a hunter?!?  Deer & rabbit are good eatin’!
  • is an awesome resource!
  • Ask a Butcher that owns his own shop, not one in a grocery store because their loyalty falls with the store.  The independent Butcher buys his meat from the farmers.
  • If you live in a city or the burbs just venture out of the city and into the country.  Look for black cows (aka black angus), because they are the best eating beef.  If you drive past a farm that has them stop by and see if the farmer sells sides of beef.  If he doesn’t I’m sure he knows someone who does.

Buying from a farmer is a win/win situation!  You get fresh meat for your family and they get a little over market value for their hard work.  Market prices fluctuate on a daily basis, but the time and effort a farmer puts into his work never changes.

We just sold a side of beef (half a cow) for $700, including butchering, for 538.5 lbs of meat.  Yes, that may seem like a lot, but per pound it’s a fraction of the cost of what you can purchase it for at the grocery store.  Some farmers also sell on quarters so just split that price above in half.

This economy has made us really take a look at our finances as well as where our food comes from.  Buy from a farmer as much as you can.  His hard work is for your family so by supporting him directly you’re showing him is work matters to you.

Sherry is a SAHM (work-at-home Mom) raising three boys on a farm, after growing up in the burbs of Cincinnati with a little sister.  She’s got a unique way of sharing her farm life, and is learning along with her sons all about how to run farm while trying not to get her hands dirty.  Mosey on over to City Chic on a Farm and say “Howdy!”


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