Product Review: OXO Silicon Flexible Turner

9 Mar

I know what you’re thinking: “How much could there be to review about a spatula?” quite a bit, my friends. My everyday, always have it on hand, can’t-flip-a-fried-egg-without-it spatula is, in my opinion, the most important utensil in my arsenal. (And believe me, I’ve got quite the army of utensils.)

The OXO Silicon Flexible Turner, (whoa, what a name- from here on out it’ll be the OXO), promises to be perfect for flipping eggs, burgers, pancakes, crepes, and more. On that point, it’s totally correct. The silicon covering over the spatula allows it to slide cleanly right under your pancakes, burgers, etc. I did have trouble with it sticking to my fried egg, but fried eggs are better flipped with a toss of the pan anyway. I also appreciate that the silicon covering isn’t obnoxiously thick; I like a nice thin spatula, and this one fits the bill.

The OXO also features a stainless steel , (the part in between the handle and the spatula), with a rubber covered handle. The handle is great- seemingly impervious to heat, it is never too hot to handle. The trunk, however, is not non-stick. When one is spoiled with a spatula head that repels concrete, a stickiness-prone trunk is a drag. However, how often is the middle of the spatula dirty? Not enough to make this product unworthy of a place in your kitchen.

The high temperature threshold for the spatula head is awesome- never worry about it melting, cracking, or peeling. This stuff is meant to last forever. And while we’re adoring the silicon nature of this product, I’d like to mention how happy I am to know that this spatula won’t scratch my non-stick cookware. I can use it on any pan, pot, or cookie sheet I’ve got, and they all escape unscathed- even after repeated uses.

Unlike other spatulas I’ve used, the OXO is made of one piece of steel, so the head won’t fall off after extended use. This is also good to know for those who use an automatic dishwasher after cooking- this product won’t have issues in those high heat conditions as there are no jointed areas sealed with glue.

Overall, I would venture to say that this spatula is the best I’ve ever flipped with. It meets all of my rough/tough trials, and will stand the test of time. This is important because you know I’m not into wasting money.

OXO Silicon Flexible Turner Grade: A+

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2 Responses to “Product Review: OXO Silicon Flexible Turner”

  1. mrsmccraw March 18, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile, wondering if it was worth getting. Glad to hear it’s a good one!

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